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COGELME recycling machines are engineered and produced for your comfortable working environment to best achieve your performance objectives. Equipments can be optimally integrated in your current setup to run efficient, profit-making ferrous, non-ferrous metals, glass, plastic sorting and processing. With our engineers extensive knowledge and creativity machines are designed according to your output objectives, your space and your budget. What is more, you take advantage of optimal value for money, because Cogelme delivers ultimate price/quality ratio machines in the industry.

Today Cogelme various range equipments are successfully using customers from all the important recycling markets (household, commercial or industrial waste sorting, solid waste recovery) and enjoy:

  • Optimum method for achieving clean end products.
  • Enhanced processing capacity and profitability.
  • High quality techniques and reliable non-stop operation.
  • Safety and appropriate design equipment.
  • Reduced labour costs and saved time.

And not only that, Cogelme engineers have practice and give a hand for customers also in solving problems and adjusting other companies machines.

Enjoy your improved waste processing and enhanced profitability with Cogelme customized design systems!
Flexible technology. Custom fit 
Due to extensive range of Cogelme equipment non-ferrous metal separation is maximized to sort any kind of material, whatever you need to extract:
  • Medium- and big-sized non-ferrous metals: from 15-20 mm up to 350-400 mm (municipal waste, demolition waste, shredded waste, etc.)
  • Middle-sized non ferrous metals: from 20-25 mm up to 200-250 mm (shredded plastic, rubber, wee recycling, crushed glass, etc.)
  • Milled non ferrous metals of extremely thin dimensions – down to 2 mm (grinded or granulated plastic, rubber, e-scrap, wood, foundry sand, etc.)
Separation key features. Precision and economy
  • Pure separation of non-ferrous metals sized from 2 mm to 400 mm
  • 3 types of materials separated into three individual containers: non ferrous metals, inert material and residual ferrous metals
  • No loss of valuable materials
  • Higher levels of sorting purity
  • Simple maintenance
Qualified specialists. No compromises 
Equipments remain under rigid quality control throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Heart of machine – magnetic rotor – is covered with stainless steel that protects magnets from iron powder and guarantees lasting operating results
  • In case of rough and big materials separation, PVC tape can be substituted by a more resistant and long lasting rubber tape
  • Special security system guarantees safety of people and equipment
  • Separators are engineered for easy and simple maintenance
Our experts will help you choose a separator that best matches your requirements and, if needed, will run a trial of Eddy current separator on your materials.
Precision and cost-effectiveness
Due to highly powerful far-reaching magnetic fields of Cogelme Overbelt Magnetic Separator, iron separation from product stream is sharply precise. As no power source use is needed, it offers a low-cost solution for continuous iron extraction.

Magnetic separator is indispensable equipment:
  • Extraction of iron that varies from powder-sized particles to big pieces
  • Application on mobile installations
  • Cost-cutting solution
Adaptable technology. Custom engineering 
Magnetic separator variety is designed to best match iron recovery needs.
  • Overbelt Magnetic Separators with Permanent Magnets are of 2 types:
  • With Ferrite permanent magnets - optimal extraction of middle - and big-sized ferrous metals
  • With Neodymium permanent magnets - elimination of tiniest parts - of ferrous metals
Its main advantage lies in free magnet maintenance and no need of electric current for generation of magnetic field.
  • Overbelt Electromagnetic Separators. Perfect extraction of heavy pieces of ferrous metal, and extraction of ferrous metals from highly thick materials.
Cogelme Electromagnetic Separators prove extremely high magnetic power and effective separation.
Efficient cost-cutting equipment
  • Optimal grind of glass bottles after their separation from wood, metals, plastic, etc.
  • Production capacity up to 24 t/h
Main advantages 
  • Glass crashing sizes can be regulated
  • 70% of energy savings (compared to hammer crushers)
  • Bottle caps are detached during processing and can be easily separated with metal separators
  • Low powder emission, because glass and ceramics are crushed without being pulverized
  • Simple maintenance at minimal efforts
Flexible technology. Custom fit 
Cogelme Cylinder Press is used for press and perforation of plastic bottles, liquid cartons (Tetra-Pak) and metal cans.
Recommended for:
  • Material volume reduction
  • Material preparation for further processing
  • Food package destruction
Main advantages
  • Immediate compression, including big quantities of material – up to 5 tons per hour of empty plastic bottles
  • Simpler and more precise optical selection, because plastic is not destroyed or ruined
  • No bottles containing compressed air – no breakage of iron threads of press balls
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Press can be used separately or can be easily integrated into a system
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